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  • Brent Kastner

    Brent Kastner

    CTO of Tarmac.io, lover of pizza and automation. Lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Host of The Dev Null Podcast

  • Tim Berners-Lee

    Tim Berners-Lee

    Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) w3.org, the place to agree on web standards. Founded webfoundation.org - let the web serve humanity

  • Andrea Clayton

    Andrea Clayton

  • TokenData


    tokendata.io - Data, analytics and transparency on ICOs and tokens.

  • Brayton Williams

    Brayton Williams

    Co-Founder @BoostVC — Investing in Sci-Fi Tech founders: crypto, VR, AI, space, robotics, biotech, SciFi. Advisor: @etherscan, @mycrypto, Aragon

  • Linda Xie

    Linda Xie

    Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Coinbase. Advisor @0xProject.

  • Bitcoin Magazine

    Bitcoin Magazine

    The most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about #Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  • Andrew J. Chapin

    Andrew J. Chapin

    Former startup guy. Working on what’s next.

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